Rope - Rope Hotel

Rope Hotel


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Rope - Rope Hotel

Berlin's Jayrope recorded jam sessions with his band into his computer and came out with this great organic dub album ­ critics compared it to Krautrockbands like Neu and Can (but what do they know???) ­
The Rope sound combines a gloriously mellow vibe with an organic authenticity that eludes much modern music, you can see why Mr. Empire handpicked him for his Geist stable.

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  1. Rope - Logging Back The Day
  2. Rope - Fellini
  3. Rope - Brother Back
  4. Rope - Bubble Machine
  5. Rope - Soupzen
  6. Rope - Deconjazz
  7. Rope - Desert Dream Dub1
  8. Rope - Desert Dream Dub2