She Satellites - Poison Lips

Poison Lips

She Satellites

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She Satellites - Poison Lips

Very cool and obscure side project from Nic Endo. Under the name She-Satellites she recorded Poison Lips, thirteen new glimpses of her sexy, furious, courageous manifesto.
Armed only with a tape recorder and a synthesiser she has created an debut album of pulsating analogue monstrosities and curiosities. Warped electronics, manipulated tones gel together with volatile distortion erratically forming their own incidental rhythms and patterns. It's the sound of computers programmed to punish reactionary ears and possess the hearts of doubters.

This takes you to another planet a special cover version of Sun Ra's "Brazilian Sun".
Very far out, like a soundtrack for sci-fi films which haven't been made yet.
Deep, dark analogue sounds and Moog synths.


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  1. She Satellites - Beyond And Back
  2. She Satellites - The Funeral
  3. She Satellites - No-Satellites
  4. She Satellites - Blue Excess
  5. She Satellites - Poison Lips
  6. She Satellites - Strip-Japanese
  7. She Satellites - The New Deal
  8. She Satellites - Saturn Eclipse On 101
  9. She Satellites - Death Wish
  10. She Satellites - Brazilian Sun
  11. She Satellites - Brazilian Sun Part 2
  12. She Satellites - Sweet Indulgent Liquid
  13. She Satellites - Black Cyclone