Shizuo - New Kick

New Kick


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Shizuo - New Kick

Shizuo continues to wage war on conventional morality with four tales of sexual impropriety.

The lead track New Kick is Shizuo’s take on the Cramps original with the sweet voice of innocence intoning a sense of boredom and frustration and the corporeal need for new horizons.
Shot through with Shizuo’s uniquely intense approach to sound it pummels viscera into a physical and emotional pulp.

Man investigates, from the female point of view, how seriously fucked up the male psyche is. It’s relentlessly looped backtrack is broken and frayed with the bewilderment women feel at Man’s inability to satisfy their most fundamental needs.

Hooker posits the view that a woman’s purely sexual needs can be found outside the imprisonment of a conventional relationship and the role of hooker need not be the gratification of male sexual imperatives but using the man merely as tool to fulfil of basic female desires.

Containing the only male vocals on the record Nutter succinctly reaffirms the correctness of this woman’s attitude to the male. The confusion and chaos that reigns in the male id splutters and rants in an inarticulate effort to express himself but the inner cohesion of thought the man thinks is manifestly plain is revealed to the outside world as fractured egotistical babble.

The most important element remains the music which contextualises the agony that mingles primeval nature of human sexuality with the mores imposed by a society that denies liberty.


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  1. Shizuo - New Kick
  2. Shizuo - The Man
  3. Shizuo - The Hooker
  4. Shizuo - The Nutter

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