Atari Teenage Riot - J1M1


Atari Teenage Riot

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Atari Teenage Riot - J1M1

The drums pound relentlessly, the guitars reverse gear and question the passage of time, screaming synths rip through the air like aberrant missiles. It’s the sound of war. Atari Teenage Riot captures the chaotic barrage that simultaneously snares a single moment and endlessly prolongs it.

J1M1 is bundled with guest remixes from international collaborators. Israel’s Farthest South’s almost somnambulistic downbeat take of the song contrasts hugely with Taiwan’s fish.the’s tumultuously joyful reconstruction. Kiwi obliges with a considered rereading emphasising the bass and lyricism that underlies ATR’s bombastic original. We are truly elated that these fine musicians not only contributed their talents but also took the time and trouble to dig so deeply into the track to find the inspiration for their unique interpretations.


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  1. Atari Teenage Riot - J1M1 (Radio Edit)
  2. Atari Teenage Riot - J1M1 (Kiwi Remix)
  3. Atari Teenage Riot - J1M1 (fish.the Remix)
  4. Atari Teenage Riot - J1M1 (Farthest South Remix)

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