Rope - It's No Fun To Compute

It's No Fun To Compute


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Rope - It's No Fun To Compute

Jayrope uses different musicians on his 2nd album and uses way more electronics and effects ­ this is more extreme, harder delays and even some vocals through a f***ed up microphone. He has even an industrial-blues feel on some tracks! The best title ever! Kraftwerk? That was five minutes ago Get this instead!


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  1. Rope - Throwing Stones
  2. Rope - Bushfire
  3. Rope - This Is Berlin
  4. Rope - How Much Ram Do You Have?
  5. Rope - You're So Lame
  6. Rope - If
  7. Rope - Desert Dream
  8. Rope - Rope Theme
  9. Rope - Dog In Southern New Mexico
  10. Rope - Machine (AC)
  11. Rope - Machine (DC)