Alec Empire - Intelligence & Sacrifice

Intelligence & Sacrifice

Alec Empire

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Alec Empire - Intelligence & Sacrifice

This album's a DOUBLE priced as a single and contains a total of 20 tracks.

The first set takes off where his previous hardcore excursions leave off. Employing his patent breakcore beats and adding generous measures of hard as nails riffs, edge of pain distortion and a vocal attack as intense as a scream of defiance, Empire both consolidates his reputation as “Harder Than The Rest” and pushes the boundaries of rock a decade more into the future.

The second set explores a pure electronic milieu but again breaches the frontier of the movement so far. It takes the form of a journey, initially lulling the listener into a sense of security by means of more restful sounds but quickly introduces more tangential ideas. These build up as the album moves on until it peaks in Alec’s Ladder, a combination of revolutionary sounds and spatial effects which disorientate the mind before leading the listener back to the starting point of the opening track 2641998.


"... Rock Music doesn't get as adrenalised and goddam vital as this." Kerrang

“A triumph of electro menace...Drags The Stooges into the digital age”(NME)


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    1. Alec Empire - Path of Destruction
    2. Alec Empire - The Ride
    3. Alec Empire - Tear It Out
    4. Alec Empire - Everything Starts With a Fuck
    5. Alec Empire - Killing Machine
    6. Alec Empire - Addicted to You
    7. Alec Empire - Intelligence and Sacrifice
    8. Alec Empire - Death Favours the Enemy
    9. Alec Empire - Buried Alive
    10. Alec Empire - And Never Be Found
    11. Alec Empire - New World Order
    1. Alec Empire - 2641998
    2. Alec Empire - The Cat Women of the Moon
    3. Alec Empire - Two Turntables and a Moog
    4. Alec Empire - Parallel Universe
    5. Alec Empire - Vault Things of the Night
    6. Alec Empire - Silence and Burning Ice
    7. Alec Empire - Alec's Ladder
    8. Alec Empire - Electric Bodyrock
    9. Alec Empire - 2641998 (Reprise)