Like A Tim - I'm Serious

I'm Serious

Like A Tim

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Like A Tim - I'm Serious

Karaoke, Hip Hop and Funk all turn up in strange disguises but then so does everything else. Some of the drums are truly rocktastic whilst other moments are reminiscent of Polish folk lost in a gameboy. Tim insists on making the unexpected happen. Sometimes once, sometimes twice, sometimes over and over again. He makes repetition a friend on I'm Serious. Twisted riffs make catchy sense and lopsided rhythm tracks inspire odd tapping when you hear them like this. Once again Like A Tim has provided a wild refreshing diversion from the tethered mule of electronic music.


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  1. Like A Tim - Forever Young
  2. Like A Tim - Catch Me
  3. Like A Tim - Hit With Snares
  4. Like A Tim - BN
  5. Like A Tim - I'll Let Go My Turbo
  6. Like A Tim - I've Lost
  7. Like A Tim - What Do You Know About This
  8. Like A Tim - Credit
  9. Like A Tim - Don't Need This
  10. Like A Tim - Someday
  11. Like A Tim - Baby It's The Preset Man
  12. Like A Tim - Bring It On
  13. Like A Tim - You Got To Know Whens To Stops
  14. Like A Tim - Sure
  15. Like A Tim - The Fun Is Back