Hanayo - Gift



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Hanayo - Gift

Critically acclaimed and hailed as the Japanese Bjork; although we believe she is more original than that. Hanayo collaberated on her album with all kinds of great musicians from the electronic scene, such as: Console, Merzbow, Terre Themmlitz, Woodman, Patric Cantani, Cristoph de Babalon and more.

And now there's a new, great multi-style-CD. Just listen. Get frantic. Have fun. Be wild.

By the way: in German "Gift" means "poison".


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  1. Hanayo - Sometime A Girl Loves A Boy
  2. Hanayo - Give U The Star
  3. Hanayo - Sala Sala
  4. Hanayo - Dear My Doc
  5. Hanayo - Les Sucettes
  6. Hanayo - 874 Cry Baby Killer
  7. Hanayo - Comonamyhouse
  8. Hanayo - Miso Supe
  9. Hanayo - Aua
  10. Hanayo - ISDN
  11. Hanayo - (Ga)2 (Bon)2
  12. Hanayo - Banzai Neoteny
  13. Hanayo - Kimigayo
  14. Hanayo - Joe Le Taxi