Alec Empire - Generation Starwars

Generation Starwars

Alec Empire

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Alec Empire - Generation Starwars

Most people say that this is Alec Empire's best album!
Hard industrial rhythms (and when we say hard we mean it) with beautiful and melancholic string arrangements.
This is intense. The original vinyl version on Mille Plateaux contained very controversial artwork:
an army of Star Wars storm troopers with Swastikas on their foreheads,
it showed Alec in a Luke Skywalker/Han Solo type of way next to R2D2 and C3PO as the rebel,
and a big statement "Fight The Imperial Forces!"

Only a few hundred copies went out, before it got censored. (There is a German law that forbids the use of
the Swastika ­ even if it is used in an anti-fascist context. Last time it was applied was for The Residents Third Reich 'n' Roll album.)
Buy this first (and download the original artwork from somewhere on the net).


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